Dear friends!
We invite you to the 17th traditional Summer camp of Aikido Iwama Ryu
which will be held from June 21 to June 27, 2020 in the Crimea (Sudak city)

Within 6 days you will have a unique opportunity to practice hard and have a good rest.
Sea, sun, great company ...

How it was:
- a general overview video from the summer camp 2017.
- photo of the camp 2017.
- photos from past Summer camps can be found in the "Photos"section.

In the programm:
Taijutsu, bukiwaza (boken, jo), applied work.

Every aikidoka can take part in the summer camp, regardless of style, direction and level of training. Weapon experience is desirable.

June 21 - arrival, evening training 17.00-19.00 taijutsu.
June 22-26 - training: 07.00-09.00 bukivaza; 14.00-15.00 knife, applied work; 17.00-19.00 taijutsu.
June 27 - morning keiko 07.00-09.00 bukivaza, departure.

You can come with family / children for more days

keiko - 70 Euro.
accommodation, 3 meals a day, sauna. - about 25 Euro per person per night in an air-conditioned room.

Applications accepting until June 1, 2020:
- by e.mail
- by phone/WhatsApp: 7 (965) 122-55-44.
- via the event page

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
See you on the tatami!

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